Why I hate religion, but love Jesus

Growing up in a conservative Catholic family, I’ve naturally learned to treat Sunday mass as an obligation. But after seeing this video, I’ve realized there are better approaches to strengthening my relationship with God.

Poet Jefferson Bethke has some pretty strong points. Religion was the catalyst for war amongst countries. I, too, had a similar epiphany a year ago. After examining Hispanic cultures and history in grad school, I realized how religion has strongly shaped mankind. It’s because of Spanish conquistadores and their use of religion to overtake civilations – that my family instills conservative Catholic values (some of which are good) in the younger generations. It heavily influences the government and the social behavior of the people of Guam and Saipan.

It’s fascinating how religion molds people, an entire community and nation. Ahh the strength and perpetuation of the European giant, to this day, still affects us in the Pacific Ocean. 

One thought on “Why I hate religion, but love Jesus

  1. I think what he means by this, is that Christians don’t have to worry about getting into God’s good graces because Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for them and released them from that duty. As he says in the video “Because when Jesus said IT IS FINISHED,Romans 8:2 – He died for our(christian) sins. Just believe that he died for sins and they are saved. That is nothing less then organized-atheism.

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