IB Word of the Month: LAWDAMERCY

I think it’s time to state the obvious: The word “LAWDAMERCY” is no longer tied to the Caribbean or used only when things go wrong or when someone is surprised. Being a wise-ass Catholic, I’ve found other ways to ask God for mercy, whether it be a request for help, forgiveness, praise, sympathy for another person, etc.


  • I had a bad/great day, LAWDAMERCY! (help/praise)
  • I’m starving like a wildebeast, LAWDAMERCY! (help)
  • I ate too much, LAWDAMERCY! (forgiveness)
  • Häagen-Daz coffee ice cream, LAWDAMERCY!  (praise)
  • This drama queen be causing a scene, LAWDAMERCY! (an escape route)
  • Cristiano Ronaldo is rockin’ that fútbol uniform, LAWDAMERCY! (a clone of mister CR)

Or, #LAWDAMERCY can also be used at the beginning of a sentence.

  • LAWDAMERCY, Saipan’s public schools have no electricity! (expressing frustration)
  • LAWDAMERCY, el cielo be crackin’ & las calles be floodin’! (in awe of God’s power)
  • LAWDAMERCY, Yoza and that Simple Soul rapper/singer be tearin’ it up on stage! (praise)

So you get the point. Also, I’d like to mention that if the creative bug just happens to bite you at the right moment, #LAWDAMERCY is appropriate anywhere in a sentence.

  • Brah, you seen that epic LAWDAMERCY battle round on The Voice?
  • I cleaned house like a beast, so my friends were all LAWDAMERCY up in here!
  • My barber was getting all LAWDAMERCY on my fade. (via my amigo Rubén Cruz)

#LAWDAMERCY is pretty functional as a verb, noun or adjective. Use it. LAWDAMERCY, go crazy!

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