My late-night addiction: Online “shopping”

I’ve been a bit fashion-inclined since pre-school days. I would get so excited when mom received her catalogs in the mail, I would look at them before I go bed. My favorite one was the Sears catalog because it had the most content. Unfortunately, my little late-night habit has evolved along with technology and various shopping resources. If there’s a clothing company I like, I would request a free catalog (for example, Urban Outfitters, Victoria’s Secret, Alloy, etc.) and automatically be added to the mailing list.

Lately, my recent late-night “window shopping” addictions have expanded to Pinterest, Etsy and Ebay. The online consumer culture is just so vast nowadays that it’s easy to find quality, vintage clothes and accessories online.

Anyway, here’s the latest I’ve favorited on Etsy. These are triangle fringe earrings by Canadian jewelry designer Samantha-Tara.


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