Word of the Month: Resurrect

It could not be a better time than to fill you in on my word of the month: RESURRECT. In light of Easter Sunday, I’m sure the term  will be mentioned at your colorful two-hour mass and after the family Easter brunch. As a self-professed wise-ass Catholic, I like to use my religious upbringing to express certain events in my life. Unlike last month’s word, RESURRECT is mostly functional as a verb, so use it wisely and leave the Jesus reference for your local priest.

Now let’s take a look at the many uses of RESURRECT. The most obvious definition is to restore to life, for example: 

  • Damn girl, you RESURRECT gracefully after a night of tequila shots.
  • I highly doubt heat yoga can RESURRECT you from a nasty hangover.
  • Brah, I thought you drowned at Sandy’s, till I saw your head pop up after that wave, I was all like, “RESURRECT!”

It can also be used to express relief, for example:

  • Tarius, please hit the shower and RESURRECT yourself, you stank!
  • RESURRECT me, God! I ate too much.
  • RESURRECT me, I saved these nuts from getting fired during this morning’s board meeting.

One can also use this term to express a renewal or revitalization of something, for example: 

  • Girrrl, you gotta RESURRECT that face with exfoliant or microdermabrasion.
  • Bat, the Chamorros, trying to RESURREK Chamorro kuu-chur.
  • Brah, da Hawaiians still ste trying fo’ RESURREK Hawaiian kau-chir.

Please feel free to use RESURRECT in your daily vocabulary as I do. If you liked this word of the month, you might like last month’s  too. #RESURRECT yourself!

*Special mahalo to my girl Abbey Diaz for starting the #RESURRECT -shun.

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