Free People and their S-M-L limitations

Sure, maybe Free People is one of those companies meant for skinny, rich girls who can afford a $100 top or a $238 dollar dress. I’m one of those big girls who constantly lust after the bohemian clothing they produce (in the smallest sizes, mind you). One of my ideas for a clothing company is a boho-glam online shop that caters to a wide range of women XXS to XXL. It may not be an original idea, but a girl can dream. I clearly see the demand for quality clothes on the market meant for women who can relate to multi-ethnic models and create their own personal style without the limitations of the usual S-M-L.

Through starting my little t-shirt line (a project that has been developing over the past year), I’m slowly starting to understand the ropes of apparel production. It is naturally cheaper and efficient for companies to buy clothes with set sizes (S-M-L). It costs from $2 to $5 extra for additional sizes such as XXS, XS, XL and XXL. What companies like Forever21 and Asos are realizing, is that the demand for plus size clothing is rapidly growing. Now before you start rambling on about obesity and health issues, plus size doesn’t necessarily mean FAT women. The women I see on a daily basis in Honolulu, Saipan and Guam are naturally bigger, muscular and strong women. They do not live at the gym or eat nuts all day, neither do they sit on their asses and scarf down cookies. These women are healthy and gorgeous and they would never fit in half of Free People’s clothes. I can assure you if Free People offered extra small and large sizes, their online traffic would increase ten fold. Then bohemian fashion (for me, at least) wouldn’t be so discriminatory.

I just wish someone could take my idea and run before I put it into action. Clothing companies need to cater to the bigger women of the world. Big women have just as much money and confidence as the skinny women we see in publications and on television. Oh c’mon, somebody start a damn campaign already!

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