Rust, browns and kaftans

Lately, turbands like this one have been requirements for the muggy and hot weather here in Hawaii. I’m particularly fond of this one by Triko in rust because it’s just so unexpectedly cute and rugged at the same time. The next one is a suede round-tip collar by FloryFauna. I like to add a bit of prep to my outfits now and then, just to pull it all together with a clean accessory. The last one is a random kaftan I came across during late night “window” shopping. It’s by GoldDustDresses and it’s called the Coachella Charmer. I’m absolutely in love with its bohemian-style-cut-short, which is perfect for summer mornings at the beach…although it is out of my budget. Hopefully I’ll find a similar dress for half the price.

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