Jason Mraz at the Waikiki Shell

“This ain’t hair, these are nerve endings,” joked Jason Mraz, in between songs. He performed at the Waikiki Shell on Sunday night and gave a fun, relaxing and interactive performance. This is probably the best photo I could get from that night. I was sitting out in the lawn section with friends so it was a bit too far to get some nice close-ups. It was my second time seeing him live and he’s just as great as he was a few years ago. The most entertaining moment of the night was when he sang Bella Luna and commanded the audience to howl at the nearly full moon right above Diamond Head.

Jason really knows how to give island hippies and music aficionados a good show full of improvisation and silly commentary. By the end of the night, you’ll feel as if you’re a chill chum in his goofy circle of friends.

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