Jellyfish air plants

Sea urchins and jellyfish are nothing new to me. Living on an island my entire life, I’ve watched friends place the creamy flesh of sea urchins at sushi bars, I’ve collected their skeletons along the beach and had the opportunity to swim with golden and moon jellyfish in Palau. Yeah, I’ve just about seen everything…until these photos of “jellyfish air plants” caught my eye on Etsy. They’re so cute! The concept of transforming a sea urchin into a jellyfish is something I would have never thought of.

Designer and art director Cathy Van Hoang established her shop, Petit Beast, on Etsy and cleverly markets her creative products with pretty, dream-like photography. Her little creations make cute gifts and are affordable, with prices ranging from $6-$70. Check out more of Cathy’s creations on her blog.

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