To the stars and back


Someone once told me that the typical aquarian is an overly ambitious dreamer, a frustrated perfectionist who can sometimes lose sense of time and practicality. Aquarians represent the constant, creative flow of ideas, which come from an unrestrained mind. For some aquarians, there are very little intellectual limitations.

While I may not fit into the genius category of aquarians, I do experience some kind of crazy perfectionism here and there. I often come up with ideas and sometimes after days, weeks or even months, I realize that they cannot ALL be achieved in the way that I envision them. Right now, I have a couple creative projects in progress such as designs for my soon-to-be t-shirt line and my (amateur) black and white photographer portfolio. I am only halfway done. I thought I could crank these out by the end of summer, but it’s almost August! Yikes!

As for the latest on my fashion cravings >>>

My little astrological, week-long obsession began with a print titled A space between us  by Slovakian artist Lucy Murmu (aka Lucy Hudec) on Etsy. I’m drawn to the pink, blue and purple hues, not to mention the geometric shapes and metallic illusion that the artist has created. From there, I found myself greedily hypnotized by this blue scarab ring from Urban Outfitters, which is Egyptian-esque and at least for me, the stone closely represents the stars I remember seeing in Lucy’s print. I then found myself gawking at was this lush ASOS Curve vest with diamond embellishments and these mountain hoop earrings from Lila Rice (also on U.O.). You can find all  of these on my Pinterest account.

Of course I can’t help but feature more of Lucy’s creations on my blog. Here’s a couple of my favorites from her Etsy store >>>


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