#INSTALIFE Café + comida coreana y postres

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Whole Foods Bakery


Macarons from Whole Foods

Treated myself to some Essie nail polish in Chinchilly & Set in Stones

Korean feast from Million Restaurant

Yesterday’s outfit: Red, white + Aztec print

2 thoughts on “#INSTALIFE Café + comida coreana y postres

  1. GORGEOUS OUTFITS!! LOVE THE AZTEC EMSEMBLE!! You know, I’ve seen so many pictures of macarons since they’ve become so popular but I didn’t think they’d taste that good. Are they really that good?! Is it like cake or a muffin/cookie/pancake/crepe kinda thing or what?!?!

  2. The very first macarons I tried were too sweet and chewy. It was like eating a half-baked cookie. But the ones from Whole Foods aren’t so sweet and are just right. It’s like a cross between a lady finger and a cookie.

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