Honolulu Night Market at Kaka’ako


Here are some photos from last night’s Honolulu Night Market at Kaka’ako. It’s a monthly Art + Food + Fashion event held to promote young artists (painters, dancers, performers, photographers, designers, etc.) as well as drum up business for the new shops and eateries on Auahi Street. There were lots of pop-up shops, a fashion show, improv performances and ono grinds.

The Honolulu Night Market started in September and has grown a huge following throughout the past few months. It attracts a very diverse crowd. It’s appropriate for those nerds, hippies, hipsters, fashionistas and foodies who can’t resist good bargains and innovative art. The only downside to this event is the street parking. They haven’t figured that out yet.

2 thoughts on “Honolulu Night Market at Kaka’ako

  1. Yea, the parking and traffic there, I don’t miss! I do wish we had some sort of event like that here in Saipan, but we’re probably a decade from that happening! Flame tree festival and our “carnival”(I can’t belive we even call it that!) don’t count!

  2. Actually, the parking has been somewhat remidied as of this last event. We have opened the Eat The Street parking lot for the night of Honolulu Night Market. Lots of parking, and only a block from the event. 🙂

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