The kid is golden.

I’d like to share something so close to my heart. These photos haven’t been edited in any way, they’re not what I would consider my best work as far as being a photographer, but they are my most meaningful works of art.

DSC_0457During mid-December of last year, my grandmother was going through a tough time. She was diagnosed with dementia two years ago and sometimes goes into a deep depression. Let’s say she experienced a long period of depression during the holidays – I attribute it to various highs and lows of everyone’s energy surrounding her. My brother, Brentt, is kind of like her reason to live. He could watch cartoons on TV next to her all day and she’d be happy, but he doesn’t do that very often. He spends time with her, jokes around and even serenades her with his ukulele. The kid is golden.

DSC_0460She had been asking my parents to send him from Guam to visit her for Christmas and they told her a round trip ticket would be too expensive for them. Well, my brother ended up surprising my grandmother just before Christmas and she has been in good spirits (even after he returned to Guam for school). Right before he left, I asked the two of them to pose for me. DSC_0461These photos (unedited, untouched and raw) still make her laugh. She’s even agreed to visit him in Guam this month.

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