The baby brother is all grown up!

DSC_0035This photo was taken during our trip to Guam, just days before my little brother’s 14th birthday. He’s just as tall as me now. Boo.


The kid is golden.

I’d like to share something so close to my heart. These photos haven’t been edited in any way, they’re not what I would consider my best work as far as being a photographer, but they are my most meaningful works of art.

DSC_0457During mid-December of last year, my grandmother was going through a tough time. She was diagnosed with dementia two years ago and sometimes goes into a deep depression. Let’s say she experienced a long period of depression during the holidays – I attribute it to various highs and lows of everyone’s energy surrounding her. My brother, Brentt, is kind of like her reason to live. He could watch cartoons on TV next to her all day and she’d be happy, but he doesn’t do that very often. He spends time with her, jokes around and even serenades her with his ukulele. The kid is golden.

DSC_0460She had been asking my parents to send him from Guam to visit her for Christmas and they told her a round trip ticket would be too expensive for them. Well, my brother ended up surprising my grandmother just before Christmas and she has been in good spirits (even after he returned to Guam for school). Right before he left, I asked the two of them to pose for me. DSC_0461These photos (unedited, untouched and raw) still make her laugh. She’s even agreed to visit him in Guam this month.

From the Conference to Cocktails

From the Conference to Cocktails

Weekend Date

Weekend Date

An insta-summary of the past four months


I know I haven’t been blogging in the past few months. A lot has happened. If you read my post about my job at Easter Seals Hawaii, here’s why blogging on Island Bohemian hasn’t been my priority. I’ve been blogging for ESH since I started, in addition to public relations, marketing, events and designing. All blog posts (unless a contributor is noted) are by yours truly. I’ve fallen completely in love with what we do at ESH. We help people with disabilities or special needs through therapy, coaching with social/financial skills, making sure these individuals (who are just like us) meet their goals. They need every bit of help they can get.

As a result, I’ve neglected myself. Island Bohemian is truly my creative outlet. Although I may not be a true bohemian, but I am in a sense where art sometimes consumes me. I can spend hours designing for a project without sense of time, figuring out ways to improve and market it. My Aquarian tendencies prevent me from creating some sort of personal balance, when I give something my full attention, I end up giving it my everything and start to neglect my own needs (like my never ending battle to lose weight, live an active life and saving for my dream trips to Spain, Colombia and Brasil). I’m an impulsive being and sometimes a lazy one. Seriously, I come home every day mentally drained – I haven’t even the slightest clue about what TV shows, fashion trends, music artists are popular anymore. Miley Cyrus twerking…what the hell just happened?! Pop culture is a blur to me. Politics and the news are a bit more clear. I guess that’s a good thing. Although I’ve still kept up with my art feed on Flipboard and insightful Facebook posts on culture and indigenous rights via Sue Haglund and Craig Santos Perez. I need to keep my sanity somehow.

I’ve made a simple collage (above) to kindly fill you in on what has been going on in my head lately, which are skincare (I’m approaching the 28th year of my life), remembering some of my happiest moments this year, scarves for fall, friends/co-workers and most importantly my family. This year has been rough, in my small circle of friends, four out of the five of us have lost a grandparent…this year…2013…all in one year. It’s pretty unreal. I lost my 87-year-old grandmother in Saipan in July. I was heartbroken for a bit, but our family coming together to say goodbye to her meant so much to me. I truly feel she is in peace.

On a positive note, I’m looking forward to blogging more often. It is like therapy for me. Plus, I have a reason to photograph more people and post more work from artists that have inspired me. Also, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram: @islandbohemian


❤ Di

Rochelle Roberto

Rochelle RobertoHere is the second part of the Haani shoot: her mother, Rochelle Roberto. It was her birthday so she wore a sweet ginger lei and her usual gorgeous smile.

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