Travel essentials

IB Travel essentials

I’m getting ready to leave for Saipan and Guam tomorrow. Here are my travel essentials: lots of black clothes, tons of necklaces, headbands (because it’s maipe – hot), my passport, a journal for ideas/poetry/inspiration and a little purse. Of course I’ll be taking my DSLR along for the trip. 🙂 One of my goals is to learn at least five new phrases in Chamorro. My friends and I have this thing where we jokingly try to one-up each other on Chamorro phrases and vocabulary. I always lose, so I’ve really got to step my game this time. ¡Biba Marianas!

Nattolee Jewelry >>> Honolulu, HI

0108e62c3bf111e2b7ea22000a1faf3c_7I finally got these babies in the mail! My high school classmate, Natalie Woo, is a well known jewelry designer here in Honolulu. Her pieces are so unique and trendy, a bunch of local boutiques sell her work and you’ll most likely see one of her pieces on other local fashion blogs. She posts her latest items on Instagram on a weekly basis, so when I saw these, I had to have them! She might have more black arrowhead and Buddha necklaces available at Fighting Eel Downtown.


#INSTALIFE My saturday morning grind

Island Brew Coffeehouse has the best lattes in Hawaii Kai. I usually get the malabar latte with almond milk and this yummy everything bagel with cream cheese. Also, here are the latest cheap finds I’ve found in town this week >>> a Steve Madden cross-body bag ($20) from TJ Maxx and this Buddha necklace ($6) from Macys. I’ve seen the Buddha necklaces around the Downtown boutiques and in the yoga shops but they all cost over $50. This $6 necklace will do just fine. I really like the purple tassle at the end too.

Playsuits, photography & Nixon

Here’s another summer hit by Mara Hoffman. I found this on and I’m completely in love with the print, neckline and shape. This is something that curvy girls can wear without worrying about looking like a melon. It’s perfect for a sunny drive through Haleiwa and the North Shore, yet still classy casual for the happy hour drink specials at Mai Tai’s in the late afternoon.

The Diana Mini in Coral Fusion by Lomography is the cutest thing since lilikoi cupcakes were invented. I haven’t gotten my hands on this yet, but I’ve read reviews on Yeah, these Lomography cameras are really like toys >> Made in China << but you get what you pay for. It’s $109.99 on ModCloth and all it does is produce slightly grainy photos with a dreamy effect. Just think of it as a toy for hipsters and artsy folks. It’s just like producing overly filtered photos without having to use any of those photo editing apps on your iPhone or iPads.

Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to my soon to be baby, the Ivy by Nixon. I’m so in love with this watch! One of the girls at work, Kim Kim, has a cute white Nixon and after browsing the website, I found one that I can see myself wearing with any outfit. I heart gold.

Bloom Theory Camera Strap

Now how can you tell me a camera strap like this won’t stand out at a party? Bloom Theory gives serious glam photographers some sparkle that’s a little more practical for an adventurous nightlife. Check out more camera accessories, lens and gadgets on my wishlist.

Wrist/Arm Candy

These are the bracelets that grace the wrist & arms of Rachel Strugatz, the Accessories News Editor of Women’s Wear Daily.  I can’t take my eyes off the skeletal cuff and how she’s mixed wooden beads and metal.