Vogue Australia >>> trinkets + traveling

Model: Nicole Triunfo /// Photographer: James Meakin

Yellows always catch my eye. I was browsing through Vogue Australia’s galleries and couldn’t help but include this in my weekly post. I’ve been on a desperate hunt for some color inspiration for my graphic projects. Mint green and coral are kind of…well..fading out for me. I like a good pop of color.

These photos by James Meakin inspire the bohemian traveler inside of me. I’m dying to go to India or Morocco, wherever there is culture and color. Hawaii gets a bit bland sometimes with beige and gray corporate buildings downtown.

I’d like to browse through trinket shops, crowded open markets, buy fresh veggies or herbs. I’d like to walk through those pointed Moroccan doors like the ones I see in National Geographic or sadly…on Pinterest. Why is traveling so expensive? Also, why must we all travel with someone? For once in my life, I’d like to travel alone. My grandfather braved Europe and Asia by himself because my grandmother was not the least bit interested in seeing the world. I’d like to try that soon, no rules, no one to worry about except myself. I just need a change of scenery like this one. Except I don’t see myself in four-inch wedges walking down a long street market in this heat. Although the maxi dress would be more tasteful and practical for this situation.

Here’s the last one I chose from the plethora of bohemian Vogue Australia shots by Meakin. I love the colors and how the lighting falls in the right places. The darkness also creates mystery. I seriously need to pick up my Nikon and start shooting once I’m done with my graphic projects.  Until then, I’ll be designing, neck deep in color and browsing tickets to the Middle East and Africa on Expedia.

Disonyando >>> Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg

Me fascina cómo una artista armoniza los dos elementos de fotografía y tipografía para producir dimensiones multiples en su arte. Encontré estas fotos de un artista de Barcelona, Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg, en Behance. El talentoso diseñador gráfico, de 31 años, es conocido por sus obras y conceptos visuales en anuncios y publicaciones. En su sitio, Disonyando, que está lleno de sus creaciones brillantes, el artista dice, “Disonyando es un estado permanente, incesante, constante y gerundio en el que cerebro, corazón y manos se sincronizan en perfecta armonía.” Sus obras llevan un sentido retro; aunque son como sueños, ya tienen elementos vivos como texturas y personas actuales.

High Sky of Spain by Andrey & Lili

Who doesn’t love a good, sexy fashion editorial? Estas fotos están llenas de fuerza, femineidad y sexo. Fotógrafo Andrey Yakovlev y directora de arte Lili Aleeva las produjeron en el Castillo de Canta Barbara en Alicante, España. Desde la perspectiva de una fotógrafa amateur, utilizaron la luz y la enormidad del castillo para crear imágenes que se enfocan en el modelo y sus rasgos. Se puede encontrar más de esta sesión fotográfica aquí.