Kris Atomic


The Unusually Modest Mermaid by Kris Atomic

Lately I have been experimenting with acrylics, watercolor and even mixing the two. I’m not going to lie, it frustrates me that I can put together a visual concept on the computer or take a decent photo but my clumsy fingers and palms can’t even produce a decent image on paper. In my little journey to finding inspiration and ideas to practice with, I stumbled upon the English illustrator Kris Atomic. I’ve seen her work before and when I found her blog, I became fascinated with her characters.


Kris Atomic at work.

Although her characters may be a little too English for my taste, I like her style and her badass sense of humor.


Who doesn’t love a Chronic Bitchface?



Ugh. I’m sick with jealousy.


See more of Kris’ work here.

Phototypography by Patrick James Juplo


It seems “phototypography” is the craze nowadays. Especially with all of the GIFs and photos circulating around Tumblr and instant apps that can turn almost anything into a talking photo. But one thing that really catches my eye is the perfect placement of text and shapes/vectors on a photo and I’ve seen some beautiful ones as advertisements for businesses here in Oahu.

Here are some samples of phototypography I’ve stumbled upon by a 22-year-old Filipino graphic artist Patrick James Juplo.75411f02bf165c5699a72e87d675fa68





Shorty Fatz

I know it’s a bit late, but recently I came across Samuel Rodriguez, a visual artist known for establishing Shorty Fatz art + design studio. I’ve seen his work at Loft in Space at Fresh Café and I failed to mention him on my blog. I followed him on Instagram and I’ve become obsessed with his work. I admire his use of multi-ethnic muses, unconventional prints and patterns while still maintaining a functional canvas. It works. It kind of represents Hawaii and its art community. We’ve evolved here, we’re no longer traditional artists. We’ve become risk takers, cultured brave souls with an understanding of the issues at hand and there’s always a message behind our work. Here Samuel Rodriguez showcases “walking melting pots,” which is not soley based on ethnicity but on visual identity.


Disonyando >>> Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg

Me fascina cómo una artista armoniza los dos elementos de fotografía y tipografía para producir dimensiones multiples en su arte. Encontré estas fotos de un artista de Barcelona, Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg, en Behance. El talentoso diseñador gráfico, de 31 años, es conocido por sus obras y conceptos visuales en anuncios y publicaciones. En su sitio, Disonyando, que está lleno de sus creaciones brillantes, el artista dice, “Disonyando es un estado permanente, incesante, constante y gerundio en el que cerebro, corazón y manos se sincronizan en perfecta armonía.” Sus obras llevan un sentido retro; aunque son como sueños, ya tienen elementos vivos como texturas y personas actuales.

Silent Muse

London-based illustrator Ruben Ireland fancies creating images that carry a certain emotional weight and relate to daily life. His images have a somber, emotional character to it. You can’t help but feel the wonder, sadness and perhaps loneliness that he portrays in his female muses. I’m no art analyst or critic, but his choice of color really dictates the type of emotion that each print conveys. I love his work. It’s dreamy, yet dark, like a sad nightmare.

Ireland’s women are like Audrey Kawasaki‘s girls, who took a wrong turn down a dark forest and became these hauntingly mysterious female warriors. (Well, Ireland is also not as erotic as Kawasaki.) I love his use of nature and indian references – it makes it relevant to today’s Native American trend.

For the love of Frida

(Photo: Cosmic Dust)

Some of the things I’ve found online Frida related/inspired

The beauty of digital artwork

Hear me calling by Catrin Welz-Stein

Me fascina mucho cómo estos conceptos vienen de una artista que solamente usa su computadora y su imaginación. German born artist Catrin Welz-Stein lives in Malaysia and works as a graphic designer. She makes amateur GDs like me feel inadequate and green with envy of her creativity. Influenced by surrealism and the medieval era, Welz-Stein relies on her computer and imagination to create each piece. I’m still not over how her mastery of graphic design can produce textures like these. I can’t even comprehend how she gave each photo depth…was it filters? brushes? I’m stumped…

Longing for Love” is one of my favorites, just because it’s so literal, vibrant…and painful. The women that she uses have some kind of goddess-like quality to them, but this shows vulnerability.

Rhythm and beats” is definitely one of the ones that stand out from the rest. It possesses a somber nostalgia that I feel connected to. Oh, miss Catrin, if only I could post every one of your creations on my blog. They’re all so inspiring and captivating that I feel as if you draw each character from your wildest fantasies and bring them to life.

Some days you just want something pretty…

I love things that are pink, colorful and complicated. These prints I’ve found by Portland illustrator and painter Yellena James caught my eye recently. James describes her style as colorful, organic and tangled with a splash of sci-fi. She says each print carries its own emotion.

James not only sets up shop at Etsy, but has been all around the world showcasing her work in art galleries, does illustration work for big name companies such as Anthropologie, Nike and K2 Snowboards. Her work has also appeared in many art and design publications such as Vogue Austrailia and Design Sponge. More info at her official website.