Summer fashion inspiration: Ashley Madekwe

Longevity by Ashley Madekwe

My ideal summer city chic outfit is cool, clean and simple. It’s finally summer and the weather in Honolulu isn’t getting better. It’s hot, humid and there’s some kind of mist (vog) lingering in the air giving people breathing problemas, so I need something that will function as a cool, breezy outfit that will easily transition from work to happy hour…island style. So I think I’ll shop for something similar to this and add on some flavor like the fabric statement necklace by Charlotte Hosten and replace that clutch with either a vintage clutch or weekend bag by Fossil.

Neon is not dead

This lemony hue is still one of my favorites. It shocks and accentuates. It looks great on all women – Latina, black, Asian and even Pacific Islander women like myself. Take a hint from one of my fashion inspirations, actress and fashionista Ashley Madekwe. Her fashion blog is full of pieces that she has worn on and off the red carpet. If you’re lucky, she’ll put one up for sale.

I’ve always loved fringe. Here’s another necklace, updated by neon yellow/green that makes it extra special. This is by Etsy seller Norwegian Wood.

The last two are by Voz Clothing and Art (bangle, $22) and Hash and Chez (earrings, $9.50).