Nattolee Jewelry >>> Honolulu, HI

0108e62c3bf111e2b7ea22000a1faf3c_7I finally got these babies in the mail! My high school classmate, Natalie Woo, is a well known jewelry designer here in Honolulu. Her pieces are so unique and trendy, a bunch of local boutiques sell her work and you’ll most likely see one of her pieces on other local fashion blogs. She posts her latest items on Instagram on a weekly basis, so when I saw these, I had to have them! She might have more black arrowhead and Buddha necklaces available at Fighting Eel Downtown.


Cropped & pastel

I don’t think I could ever pull off a cropped top. Being a plus-sized, curvy girl, I haven’t completely ruled out this particular style. I use crop tops for layering. Here’s one that I really like on Search and Construct on Etsy. I love the pastel turquoise with orange, blue and brown dots on the back.

ISWAS+WILLBE on Etsy is doing their thang with the natural stones and chevron-esque metal beads. Their bracelets and necklaces are simple and colorful.

There’s nothing like something rugged and raw to balance out the cutesy pastels. I loved this Porcupine Quill Natural Ivory Bullet earrings by Raw Earth Studio on Etsy. I love how dangerous they look.