Fall-friendly leftover trends

If I were to sum up the major trends I’ve indulged in this past summer, I’d say they would be ombre, hi-low tops/frocks/dresses, Aztec prints and vintage leather. I always go back to past shops on Etsy to see what else these awesome designers have come up with. Take Brooke Fung’s Peeko Apparel, she’s listed some new duds for the fall season. I really like how she took the ombré to a wine shade and gave the hi-low top some shape with extra frills on the side.

As you can see from my previous posts, leather is a good investment. At Pascal Vintage, these rough, classic boots caught my attention and I’ve had them in my favorites list ever since. They’re a bit pricey for me, but that’s what’s expected of vintage clothing and accessories. You get that worn out feel.

Lastly, I saved these in my faves list just because they’re fun and colorful. I’ve been wearing a lot of black and grey lately for work so I figured that these would work well to break up the boring neutrals on Mondays. They’re pretty cute and made from real leather (according to the designer).

You can find more of these leather earrings and other goods by Tovi Sorga on Etsy.




Some like it dark…

I’ve been a fan of Canadian designer Brooke Fung since I saw her work on Etsy. I love how she uses dead stock materials to create such edgy yet girly pieces. Every woman has that dark, mysterious badass just waiting to come out. That’s exactly the effect that Fung’s clothing has on me. Every time she posts something new, it inspires me to be just a little bit more daring…check out this outfit… (I love the leggings) She always pairs dark colors with eye-popping accessories like this yellow/green headband and beaded gold necklace.

GIA semi sheer oversized long sleeve tunic