Silent Muse

London-based illustrator Ruben Ireland fancies creating images that carry a certain emotional weight and relate to daily life. His images have a somber, emotional character to it. You can’t help but feel the wonder, sadness and perhaps loneliness that he portrays in his female muses. I’m no art analyst or critic, but his choice of color really dictates the type of emotion that each print conveys. I love his work. It’s dreamy, yet dark, like a sad nightmare.

Ireland’s women are like Audrey Kawasaki‘s girls, who took a wrong turn down a dark forest and became these hauntingly mysterious female warriors. (Well, Ireland is also not as erotic as Kawasaki.) I love his use of nature and indian references – it makes it relevant to today’s Native American trend.

Some like it dark…

I’ve been a fan of Canadian designer Brooke Fung since I saw her work on Etsy. I love how she uses dead stock materials to create such edgy yet girly pieces. Every woman has that dark, mysterious badass just waiting to come out. That’s exactly the effect that Fung’s clothing has on me. Every time she posts something new, it inspires me to be just a little bit more daring…check out this outfit… (I love the leggings) She always pairs dark colors with eye-popping accessories like this yellow/green headband and beaded gold necklace.

GIA semi sheer oversized long sleeve tunic