Wicked Wednesday


A preview of my latest design gig for iTrip Entertainment. They’re doing this Wicked Wednesday event for Spring Break.

Phototypography by Patrick James Juplo


It seems “phototypography” is the craze nowadays. Especially with all of the GIFs and photos circulating around Tumblr and instant apps that can turn almost anything into a talking photo. But one thing that really catches my eye is the perfect placement of text and shapes/vectors on a photo and I’ve seen some beautiful ones as advertisements for businesses here in Oahu.

Here are some samples of phototypography I’ve stumbled upon by a 22-year-old Filipino graphic artist Patrick James Juplo.75411f02bf165c5699a72e87d675fa68





The Equinox

I did a promotional flier for the entertainment/production company iTrip this week. The company is made up of a group of young, local guys who want to bring new talent to the islands as well as feature some of the amazing local DJ’s and artists here in Honolulu. The one reason why I continue to support and  these guys is because they come from different backgrounds, striving for higher education while working part-time and still maintaining a vision. Plus, my prima Jo said they’re pretty cool. #supportlocal #supportartists

Francisca Pageo >>> Murcia, España

I’m pretty stoked about this semester. Classes are going to be interesting, plus it’s the start of art classes at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. I’m taking Side-by-Side: Creative writing and painting because I probably have a cluster-bomb of ideas in my head that needs to be released, even if it’s through multiple mediums. I’ve been designing little projects here and there, but I think it’s time to start writing poetry, painting, drawing, sketching, anything that my uncoordinated, awkward hands can do.

I remember a while back in grad school when Barcelonese muralist Josep Minguell visited our class. He asked me what type of art I did and I proudly said, “graphic design,” which to my surprise, he chuckled and replied in Spanish, “But you don’t use your hands, you don’t feel the art, the earth, the beauty that you’re producing. You only see it through the computer screen.” That’s true. I don’t really touch or feel the art that I create; although it is sometimes drawn from emotion, there is no physical connection. It’s obvious that art evolves as technology provides new mediums of art, society becomes used to seeing photographs and graphic design. 

Well one thing I really like about some designers is that they mix mediums to create multiple dimensions within their work. Take Spanish artist Francisca Pageo, she uses drawn elements, photographs as well as computer produced graphics to create prints that showcase texture as well as depth.

You can see more of Francisca’s work here or visit her blog para sus imagenes de inspiración o interés.


If I ever have the money to launch my own brand, I would seriously consider Modik, a genius graphic design and creative studio based in Barcelona that specializes in corporate imaging, branding, graphic design, naming and conceptual ideas. I love the simplicity of their work as well as the creative techniques they use to strengthen the marketing of the product. Take Sushi Bar, for example, they created the most simple, cute and eye-catching graphics. Check out those awesome take out boxes! Feel free to take a look at their other projects at Modik.es. [Click on the photo for a full-sized view]

A little colorful graphic

This is one of the most motivating quotes I live by. I used a photo from tumblr to create the graphic. If you know who created it, please let me know and I’ll add a link to the artist.

Unleash your inner Korean Dragon

There’s this funny inside joke going around in my family. I think I started it a few years back. My mother’s family is a mixture of Chinese, Portuguese, French and Korean. Although they are all completely different, there’s one trait that they all share: a low tolerance of bull… My mom’s family is mostly made up of the strongest women I know, mostly because they all exhibit the true nature of a hot-headed, always-right, never-mistaken, Korean woman. Every time someone gets angry, stressed out or loud, we say “the Korean dragon lady is coming out.” (You may think it’s odd, since the dragon is typically associated with Chinese culture, but it works well within our family of mixed Asians.) It’s a silly joke we play to lighten the mood and also make fun of how we all easily become irate.

Medical advertisements in Spanish

A few years ago, before Pinterest and the Tumblr boom, I used to collect interesting graphics that I’ve found online. I found these ads from Barcelona in a small folder titled “Inspirational Designs” on my hard drive and I have no idea where they came from. They’re definitely interesting to look at and I find a couple of them kind of funny. I’m quite fond of the colors, the concepts and illustration the artists have used. If you happen to know where they  came from, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Mahalo!


My latest obsession is the whimsical and vintage works of French designer and illustrator Mathilde Aubier. Among her clients are Wired, Cottage Life magazine and Commerce Magazine. She also founded design studio Ma + Chr with designer Christine Delaquaize where they handle creative projects ranging from graphic design to interior design.

The beauty of digital artwork

Hear me calling by Catrin Welz-Stein

Me fascina mucho cómo estos conceptos vienen de una artista que solamente usa su computadora y su imaginación. German born artist Catrin Welz-Stein lives in Malaysia and works as a graphic designer. She makes amateur GDs like me feel inadequate and green with envy of her creativity. Influenced by surrealism and the medieval era, Welz-Stein relies on her computer and imagination to create each piece. I’m still not over how her mastery of graphic design can produce textures like these. I can’t even comprehend how she gave each photo depth…was it filters? brushes? I’m stumped…

Longing for Love” is one of my favorites, just because it’s so literal, vibrant…and painful. The women that she uses have some kind of goddess-like quality to them, but this shows vulnerability.

Rhythm and beats” is definitely one of the ones that stand out from the rest. It possesses a somber nostalgia that I feel connected to. Oh, miss Catrin, if only I could post every one of your creations on my blog. They’re all so inspiring and captivating that I feel as if you draw each character from your wildest fantasies and bring them to life.