Finding inner peace

photoHow did this summer fly by so fast?! I couldn’t catch it. Probably because I’m out of breath all the time. Well now is the right time to get back to breathing and finding inner peace and happiness. Namaste.

Yoga on the water

Once in a while I like to browse through some good photography on Flickr. I absolutely love Lululemon’s Flickr feed because all of their photos are so inspirational and positive. Yes, they are all promotional, but the photographer is damn good. (If you happen to know the photog, please let me know.) I found this photo series of the stand-up paddleboard surfers stunning and adventurous. As you can see, they stop to inhale the beautiful nature of the lake and practice some yoga.

Who wouldn’t want to attend a yoga class out on the water? I know I’m probably not capable of even doing the downward dog on a SUP board (I’d definitely make a splash) but I’d like to try this one day. It’s definitely on my bucket list!

All photos >>> Lululemon Athletica