MercĂ­ beaucoup

photo-2I received a pretty little Thank You card in the mail this morning. Last Friday, an 80-year-old lady hit me from the side while changing lanes. Thank God no one was hurt. But she did dent and strip off the side molding of my ancient Camry (which I’m planning to sell anyway). The woman, Marian, was very apologetic and sweet. I couldn’t possibly get upset about it because it was a minor accident and well, it was an innocent mistake that anyone could have made. We just all have to be a little more careful on the road.

It’s nice to receive a little token of appreciation from a total stranger. I guess she appreciated my kindness too. 🙂 Thanks Marian, for making my day!


#INSTALIFE Election Day, The Tea Farm & Thrifty Thursdays

My friend Timka took me to The Tea Farm CafĂ© yesterday. It’s a cute little place right off of King Street in Moiliili. The owner, hidden behind the curtain on the left is being interviewed by a Japanese magazine writer for a feature article. The shelves in the back are full with little canisters of every flavor of tea that the cafĂ© has to offer. The bookcase on the right acts as a trading library. I’m absolutely smitten with this cute, peaceful cafĂ©. In addition to hot/iced teas, they also offer, salads, sandwiches and ice cream in the shape of little hearts.

I was eavesdropping in on the interview taking place on the left. From what I gather, the owner studied accounting at the University of Hawai’i and felt limited to certain jobs with his field of study. So he started a tea cafĂ©…and through trial and error, he came up with scrumptious tea flavors and a business concept that would separate himself from the other local and commercial coffee shops.

On a separate note, I’ve decided to start a weekly #hashtag on Instagram. It’s called #ThriftyThursday! I got tired of #ThrowbackThursday so I decided to show off some of my thrifty finds. For #ThriftyThursday, I wore a thick gold chain I got off of eBay for $1.20, a top from Ross bought for $4.99 and my jeans from TJ Maxx ($8.90). If you didn’t catch it, I am very boastful of finding cute clothes and accessories for less than $10.

Moving backwards, here’s what I wore on Election Day! Red, white and blue. I’m a bit cheesy when it comes to important days/holidays. Hehe. I work a Mossimo dress from Target ($20), Rocket Dog boots ($45) from Famous Footwear & necklaces I’ve acquired of the last few years.

Summer fashion inspiration: Ashley Madekwe

Longevity by Ashley Madekwe

My ideal summer city chic outfit is cool, clean and simple. It’s finally summer and the weather in Honolulu isn’t getting better. It’s hot, humid and there’s some kind of mist (vog) lingering in the air giving people breathing problemas, so I need something that will function as a cool, breezy outfit that will easily transition from work to happy hour…island style. So I think I’ll shop for something similar to this and add on some flavor like the fabric statement necklace by Charlotte Hosten and replace that clutch with either a vintage clutch or weekend bag by Fossil.

The beauty of digital artwork

Hear me calling by Catrin Welz-Stein

Me fascina mucho cĂłmo estos conceptos vienen de una artista que solamente usa su computadora y su imaginaciĂłn. German born artist Catrin Welz-Stein lives in Malaysia and works as a graphic designer. She makes amateur GDs like me feel inadequate and green with envy of her creativity. Influenced by surrealism and the medieval era, Welz-Stein relies on her computer and imagination to create each piece. I’m still not over how her mastery of graphic design can produce textures like these. I can’t even comprehend how she gave each photo depth…was it filters? brushes? I’m stumped…

Longing for Love” is one of my favorites, just because it’s so literal, vibrant…and painful. The women that she uses have some kind of goddess-like quality to them, but this shows vulnerability.

Rhythm and beats” is definitely one of the ones that stand out from the rest. It possesses a somber nostalgia that I feel connected to. Oh, miss Catrin, if only I could post every one of your creations on my blog. They’re all so inspiring and captivating that I feel as if you draw each character from your wildest fantasies and bring them to life.