#INSTALIFE My saturday morning grind

Island Brew Coffeehouse has the best lattes in Hawaii Kai. I usually get the malabar latte with almond milk and this yummy everything bagel with cream cheese. Also, here are the latest cheap finds I’ve found in town this week >>> a Steve Madden cross-body bag ($20) from TJ Maxx and this Buddha necklace ($6) from Macys. I’ve seen the Buddha necklaces around the Downtown boutiques and in the yoga shops but they all cost over $50. This $6 necklace will do just fine. I really like the purple tassle at the end too.

#INSTALIFE >>> Summer bliss

Fedoras >>> are a definite summer staple.

❤ Salt around the rim >>> Dave & Buster’s rooftop

Night swimming >>> faded.

Honey toast >>> Shokudo Japanese Restaurant

#INSTALIFE >>> Lolita & escargot

Me and my buck teef, trying to show off my somewhat new fringe earrings.

I just bought Lolita en español and Isabel Allende’s El cuaderno de Maya >>> summer reading is in full effect.

I took this photo at Whole Foods in Kailua. I was so tempted to make my own escargot but I decided to just eat it at a nice restaurant instead. We all gotta splurge once in a while. Besides, I don’t think I can stomach separating the poor snails from their shells. I’d rather just see them in mini bubbly butter, garlic and cheese jacuzzis at a French restaurant.

#INSTALIFE coffee, hikes & lychee




mi abuelita blowing her candles on her 89th birthday