Playsuits, photography & Nixon

Here’s another summer hit by Mara Hoffman. I found this on and I’m completely in love with the print, neckline and shape. This is something that curvy girls can wear without worrying about looking like a melon. It’s perfect for a sunny drive through Haleiwa and the North Shore, yet still classy casual for the happy hour drink specials at Mai Tai’s in the late afternoon.

The Diana Mini in Coral Fusion by Lomography is the cutest thing since lilikoi cupcakes were invented. I haven’t gotten my hands on this yet, but I’ve read reviews on Yeah, these Lomography cameras are really like toys >> Made in China << but you get what you pay for. It’s $109.99 on ModCloth and all it does is produce slightly grainy photos with a dreamy effect. Just think of it as a toy for hipsters and artsy folks. It’s just like producing overly filtered photos without having to use any of those photo editing apps on your iPhone or iPads.

Lastly, I’d like to introduce you to my soon to be baby, the Ivy by Nixon. I’m so in love with this watch! One of the girls at work, Kim Kim, has a cute white Nixon and after browsing the website, I found one that I can see myself wearing with any outfit. I heart gold.

Mara Hoffman

I’m so damn inspired by this badass New York designer Mara Hoffman. She’s known for her bohemian silhouettes and her tribal patterns. It really is unlike any of that neon-vomit “indian” fringe tops that you see by Charlotte Russe or Forever21. Don’t ask me why this cluster explosion of tribal-esque, Aztec print, neon-rainbow crap is occurring in our world today. Has the world gone mad? Are we still exploiting the indigenous tribes and making their original garments “cool?” Who knows. Maybe. But Mara Hoffman takes this concept and transforms it into a deeper, cleaner collection. Aside from the ridiculous prices (hey, the girl’s gotta make $$ and I understand), I like to think Hoffman and I share the same hippie glam god-mom…except this chick is better at bringing her inspirations to life.

Her work is exotic and colorful. Scrolling through her blog is like scrolling pages of her dreams – the content is just insanely beautiful and twisted. This second photo was an invite to her fashion show last year.

I had to post this last photo of her recent collection. They somehow remind me of one of my favorite artists, Frida Kahlo, with the buns and the excessive neckline details.

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