Uniku Marianas by Karen Cabrera

There are two places I truly call home: O’ahu and Saipan. I’ve featured many international artists on my blog, but there is one artist who I’ve admired, for a long time, who truly captures the beauty and raw-ness of Saipan. Her photos on her website Uniku Marianas, have the power to pull strongly on those feelings of nostalgia and they often make me homesick.

I’ve been familiar with Saipan artist Karen Cabrera for a while. In fact, I used to go to school with her sister at Mount Carmel School. Although we’ve never really spoken to each other, I’ve seen her work all over the internet and social media outlets on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. As you can see, she’s a cunning photographer, who seems to be seasoned with patience and the best equipment. Judging by her interaction with online admirers, she’s also rather modest about her work. Her sister, professional photographer Michelle ‘Turtle” Cabrera promotes her work.

 Perfect Day to be Out by Karen Cabrera

These are not your ordinary nature photos. These are photos of an island’s beauty that has endured a dark history of war, colonization (x3), political corruption and recently, the mini-diaspora of Chamorros who seek better opportunities and lifestyles outside of the Northern Mariana Islands. Thanks to Cabrera, those Chamorros (myself included) have actual, stunning images to reminisce and bring them closer to home.

 Uninhabited by Karen Cabrera

Karen, if you read this, please don’t stop what you do, whether you’re snapping photos in Idaho, California or Saipan. Your photos are my method of escapism from the city life and they make great visual material when I brag about Saipan. 🙂

Karen’s main website: exquisitektc.com