Francisca Pageo >>> Murcia, España

I’m pretty stoked about this semester. Classes are going to be interesting, plus it’s the start of art classes at the Honolulu Academy of Arts. I’m taking Side-by-Side: Creative writing and painting because I probably have a cluster-bomb of ideas in my head that needs to be released, even if it’s through multiple mediums. I’ve been designing little projects here and there, but I think it’s time to start writing poetry, painting, drawing, sketching, anything that my uncoordinated, awkward hands can do.

I remember a while back in grad school when Barcelonese muralist Josep Minguell visited our class. He asked me what type of art I did and I proudly said, “graphic design,” which to my surprise, he chuckled and replied in Spanish, “But you don’t use your hands, you don’t feel the art, the earth, the beauty that you’re producing. You only see it through the computer screen.” That’s true. I don’t really touch or feel the art that I create; although it is sometimes drawn from emotion, there is no physical connection. It’s obvious that art evolves as technology provides new mediums of art, society becomes used to seeing photographs and graphic design. 

Well one thing I really like about some designers is that they mix mediums to create multiple dimensions within their work. Take Spanish artist Francisca Pageo, she uses drawn elements, photographs as well as computer produced graphics to create prints that showcase texture as well as depth.

You can see more of Francisca’s work here or visit her blog para sus imagenes de inspiración o interés.

Some days you just want something pretty…

I love things that are pink, colorful and complicated. These prints I’ve found by Portland illustrator and painter Yellena James caught my eye recently. James describes her style as colorful, organic and tangled with a splash of sci-fi. She says each print carries its own emotion.

James not only sets up shop at Etsy, but has been all around the world showcasing her work in art galleries, does illustration work for big name companies such as Anthropologie, Nike and K2 Snowboards. Her work has also appeared in many art and design publications such as Vogue Austrailia and Design Sponge. More info at her official website.