My <3 for acoustic music & island artists

A few years ago, I would have never downloaded or bought the local music that was playing on the radio stations. I never really cared for the “jawaiian” kind of music in Hawaii. I didn’t really connect with it, maybe it was because I grew up listening to Kapena, Hawaiian falsetto and Carlos Santana. I felt those artists were so desperately clinging to Bob Marley and the Caribbean that they haven’t come up with a sound of their own, something that was truly created and inspired by the Pacific island lifestyle. Lately, island music has been evolving and recent artists incorporated r&b/pop elements into their melodies and lyrics. Current island artists and bands that have made it onto my playlist are Kimie, Common Kings and The Green. Even artists across the Pacific Ocean that haven’t yet released an album have made their way onto YouTube through covering popular mainstream songs. Although these are not their original songs, these are my favorite performances by up and coming artists in Hawaii and Austrailia.

This Australian-based sexy foursome FOURTUNATE is heating up the island YouTube community with their swoon-worthy harmonies and their humble personalities.

Here we have the handsome duo, FONOTI, from Australia. This is one of my favorite videos because they created an ingenius mash-up of the oldies.

Last but not least, here’s Hawaii’s very own KIMIE and her friend Kaipo Kapua. Don’t let the poor lighting in the video fool you. She has better videos but this is one of my favorite versions of Turn Your Lights Down Low. Kimie has an album and a few singles out on iTunes – I highly suggest you download “Good Vibes” if you like sultry r&b.

I’m pretty happy with all the good music that has been popping up on local radio stations. We’ve got some young and amazing talent here in the Pacific Ocean.