Saying Goodbye


It’s so sad to say goodbye to my HPU familia. I’ll definitely miss my colleagues and students. HPU is the second university I’ve taught at and it has been the most stress-free and relaxing job I’ve ever had. My colleagues are caring, creative and insightful. They’ve given me career and life advice that I’ll probably refer to time and time again.

Teaching others the Spanish language and culture is something that sort of fell into my lap and I thank God for the wonderful experience. As for my students, they’ve opened my eyes to new things throughout the years.

One of my biggest accomplishments is inspiring one of my students to apply for grad school and become a Spanish teacher. I like to think of it as a perfect way to (maybe temporarily) end my career in education. I’ve contributed one more Spanish teacher to the world.

photo (1)

I’m so lucky to have met one of my good friends, Sue Haglund (on my left), while working at HPU. She kicks okole in everything that she does and is finishing up her dissertation this year. She, too, has opened my eyes to new things and always offers another perspective. As for the rest of my HPU family, it has been a privilege and a pleasure to work with you all!

High Sky of Spain by Andrey & Lili

Who doesn’t love a good, sexy fashion editorial? Estas fotos están llenas de fuerza, femineidad y sexo. Fotógrafo Andrey Yakovlev y directora de arte Lili Aleeva las produjeron en el Castillo de Canta Barbara en Alicante, España. Desde la perspectiva de una fotógrafa amateur, utilizaron la luz y la enormidad del castillo para crear imágenes que se enfocan en el modelo y sus rasgos. Se puede encontrar más de esta sesión fotográfica aquí.

Medical advertisements in Spanish

A few years ago, before Pinterest and the Tumblr boom, I used to collect interesting graphics that I’ve found online. I found these ads from Barcelona in a small folder titled “Inspirational Designs” on my hard drive and I have no idea where they came from. They’re definitely interesting to look at and I find a couple of them kind of funny. I’m quite fond of the colors, the concepts and illustration the artists have used. If you happen to know where they  came from, please let me know by leaving a comment below. Mahalo!