Phototypography by Patrick James Juplo


It seems “phototypography” is the craze nowadays. Especially with all of the GIFs and photos circulating around Tumblr and instant apps that can turn almost anything into a talking photo. But one thing that really catches my eye is the perfect placement of text and shapes/vectors on a photo and I’ve seen some beautiful ones as advertisements for businesses here in Oahu.

Here are some samples of phototypography I’ve stumbled upon by a 22-year-old Filipino graphic artist Patrick James Juplo.75411f02bf165c5699a72e87d675fa68





A little colorful graphic

This is one of the most motivating quotes I live by. I used a photo from tumblr to create the graphic. If you know who created it, please let me know and I’ll add a link to the artist.

Disonyando >>> Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg

Me fascina cómo una artista armoniza los dos elementos de fotografía y tipografía para producir dimensiones multiples en su arte. Encontré estas fotos de un artista de Barcelona, Ruben Córdoba Schwaneberg, en Behance. El talentoso diseñador gráfico, de 31 años, es conocido por sus obras y conceptos visuales en anuncios y publicaciones. En su sitio, Disonyando, que está lleno de sus creaciones brillantes, el artista dice, “Disonyando es un estado permanente, incesante, constante y gerundio en el que cerebro, corazón y manos se sincronizan en perfecta armonía.” Sus obras llevan un sentido retro; aunque son como sueños, ya tienen elementos vivos como texturas y personas actuales.

Unleash your inner Korean Dragon

There’s this funny inside joke going around in my family. I think I started it a few years back. My mother’s family is a mixture of Chinese, Portuguese, French and Korean. Although they are all completely different, there’s one trait that they all share: a low tolerance of bull… My mom’s family is mostly made up of the strongest women I know, mostly because they all exhibit the true nature of a hot-headed, always-right, never-mistaken, Korean woman. Every time someone gets angry, stressed out or loud, we say “the Korean dragon lady is coming out.” (You may think it’s odd, since the dragon is typically associated with Chinese culture, but it works well within our family of mixed Asians.) It’s a silly joke we play to lighten the mood and also make fun of how we all easily become irate.

Makapu’u Lighthouse

I took my little brother hiking up towards the Makapu’u Lighthouse yesterday. It was a windy, cloudy day here in the islands and all you can see on the beaches were high surf advisories and orange flags. We could actually see some brave, ballsy surfers waiting for a killer wave from the lookout.

As for the graphic, I took this with a simple point and shoot. I forgot to charge my DSLR the night before so we had to use our mom’s camera and our Flip video. I played around with typography and attempted a dreamy effect.