How high can you go?


The other day, I made a small, unnecessary purchase at R&D (Interisland Terminal) in Kaka’ako. I browsed many interesting books and for some reason, I kept coming back to this illustrated book Sky High by Germano Zullo and Albertine. “Stop being a kid,” I told myself. Why would I want that? It’s a picture book. Probably for kids. So I walked away and looked over the thick version of 100 Moments that changed photography.

After a few minutes of flipping through the pages of awesome National Geographic photos and making small talk with the shopkeeper Sean, I decided I might as well buy the damn book. The cover and pages seemed so interesting and detailed. Why not buy a book for the art? Is that so bad? The illustrations told a story about a neighborly competition between two men who vertically extend their mansions and fill them with lavish furniture and art. It’s a cute take on “keeping up with the Joneses.” The book was originally written in French and published in France and Switzerland. Now they have the English edition, which I bought for $29.99.

Notice the little chick post-its? I decided to throw those in too…just because they were adorable and fit Thursday’s yellow theme.

Neon is not dead

This lemony hue is still one of my favorites. It shocks and accentuates. It looks great on all women – Latina, black, Asian and even Pacific Islander women like myself. Take a hint from one of my fashion inspirations, actress and fashionista Ashley Madekwe. Her fashion blog is full of pieces that she has worn on and off the red carpet. If you’re lucky, she’ll put one up for sale.

I’ve always loved fringe. Here’s another necklace, updated by neon yellow/green that makes it extra special. This is by Etsy seller Norwegian Wood.

The last two are by Voz Clothing and Art (bangle, $22) and Hash and Chez (earrings, $9.50).